Understanding SEO, And Why You Should Use SEO?

Not many people realize that writing an
article in digital media requires SEO. But not a few people who understand what
SEO is and why you should use SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to
make our site or blog at a level of visibility in search engines. Understanding
more easily, SEO will make a website into the front row in search engines such
as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.
So, when internet users want to search
for content by entering keywords or keywords that relate to the contents of the
content on your site, then your website will appear on the first page of search
engines. Why should you use SEO? Because this is a trigger for more internet
users to visit your site. If you are still confused with the understanding of
SEO, the following SEO illustration briefly.

SEO illustration

A car company has a website in which
there is a price list for the type of car type A, type B, and type C. If the
website uses the correct SEO, when there are users who search for the keyword
“type A car prices”, then the website This car company will appear on
the first page in the search engine. That’s like a little picture of SEO activities
that are right on target. The site will be easily found by consumers who will
certainly benefit the company.

Why SEO?

Why does a website have to use SEO? The
answer is because SEO has a very influential advantage on a website, especially
on the sites of companies that sell products or services. Here are the reasons
why a site must use SEO.

1. Increase Visitor Traffic

The more internet users who search for
the contents of the content on your site according to certain keywords, the
more visitors visit your website. That is because the links that point to your
site are on the main page in the search engine.

2. Increase Sales

The current plurality of internet users
makes people more search for a product or service through search engines. If
your company’s site uses good and correct SEO, the search engine will direct
users to enter your company’s site. Prospective customers who visit are usually
those who are ready to buy.
3. Consumers Looking for Services or
As we know that to sell a product or
service requires a marketing to make sales. This is indeed effective, but it
will be even more helpful if a company uses SEO for its website. Because the
digital age makes people rely more on the internet to find a service or
product. And not the owner of a company that is busy looking for consumers.
4. Low Cost but Effective
When compared to selling services or
products using advertising, SEO certainly has a much more affordable price.
Especially for you small business owners who have limited finances but want
your business to be known by potential customers. You can create your own site
using SEO or if you can’t do it yourself, you can use SEO services that are
much cheaper than advertising.
Understanding SEO, And Why You Should Use SEO

That is the reason why SEO is important
for a website. If you are a business owner in this digital age, of course, you
will need a website so you don’t compete with similar competitors. However, if
your site does not use SEO that is good and right, then do not expect if
potential customers will glance at the products or services in the company that
you have.
Thus the article about Understanding
SEO, and Why You Should Use SEO. Hopefully this article is useful.

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